I enjoy reading, learning, and exploring, whether it’s languages (for humans or computers), music, photography, typography, or tinkering with technology spanning from compilers to web development, or solving puzzles and interesting math problems.

I also love sharing what I learn with others; I’ve taught classes in academic and corporate environments, and it is one of the primary reasons I publish this blog.

Professionally, my work in technology has spanned compilers, virtual machines, distributed systems, databases, and the web stack, and I’ve held roles as an engineer, product manager, and researcher.

Open source

I am a huge fan of open-source and a creator or contributor to many open-source projects. This site is also built with a number of open-source projects and components; see below for details.

Personal content

This is my personal site; any opinions expressed here are my own, and do not necessary reflect opinions or positions of any of my past, present, or future employers.

About this site

As of the date at the top of this page, this site is built with:

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