$\LaTeX$ in companion git repo

In the companion git repo, you can find $\LaTeX$ versions of the problem sets and solutions, which you can mix-and-match to create your own custom problem sets, or compile PDFs of problems and solutions (together or separately) for easy practice and training.

The solutions published on the website are more conversational in style, whereas the ones in the git repo are meant to be concise, and hence may be more formal and terse. They are the same solutions, but the presentation may differ.

Additionally, this website and the git repo are not synchronized as I have to publish slightly different versions of the math in the two locations:

  • This website uses $\KaTeX$ for math typesetting and Hugo for publishing, so I need to make it compatible with both; see how I typeset math on this blog.
  • The *.tex files in the git repo are meant for compiling to PDF for printing, and thus, are using $\LaTeX$ without the constraints of the Hugo publishing or the $\KaTeX$ rendering systems.

Thus, while you may see a different set of solutions at any given time in the two locations, my goal is to have them approach the same set of content in the limit. :-)