I have been working on and contributing to open-source projects for over 20 years.

Here are some large-scale open-source projects I’ve helped launch or contributed to significantly:

Projects I have helped organizationally or otherwise:

Other projects intended for wide adoption that I have created or contributed to:

  • Cloud Launcher: scripts and tools for launching apps on Google Cloud, as well as a mini cloud console
  • Code Review Bot: CLA verification, originally written to help manage contributions to JanusGraph
  • Autogen: easily add open-source license headers to prepare your project for open-source release

And some smaller personal fun projects:

A few converter tools:

  • yaml2json: YAML ↔ JSON converters
  • csv2txf: CSV → TXF for importing financial transactions into financial software such as TurboTax
  • xml2json: XML → JSON converter, useful for parsing RSS or Atom feeds (especially podcasts) and converting them to JSON for building a web app; originally written for Delayed Replay