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Estimating the doubling rate

If something is growing at a rate of 5% per year, how many years will it take until it doubles? Common wisdom suggests it’s approximately 70/5 = 14, but why?...

December 24, 2023

Copy-paste on the command line

How to copy and paste on the command-line in macOS and Linux....

October 22, 2023

Solving Virginia Tech Regional Math Contest problems

Sharing my solutions to the Virginia Tech Regional Math Contest problems....

September 30, 2023

Nothing Gold Can Stay

A poem by Robert Frost...

June 18, 2022

Derivation and intuition behind the quadratic formula

Let’s look at how we can solve the quadratic equation without using the memorized formula, and then derive the quadratic formula itself from scratch using our method of solving the quadratic equation....

May 28, 2022

Writing math with Hugo

Evaluation of KaTeX and MathJax, along with client-side rendering as well as static (server-side) rendering, trade-offs and feasibility, and a comparison of rendering and maintainability of the various options....

April 2, 2022

Typography, fonts, and licenses

Typography, typefaces, fonts, and their various licenses....

January 31, 2021

Making of "running decade-old games in containers"

How I wrote the earlier post “running decade-old games in containers” and generated the incremental file diffs of the Dockerfile and runner.sh script....

December 15, 2020